Cabello Rolim

Cabello Cabello Caobijubá Born in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil, Mestre Cabello dedicates his life to the rhythms, instruments, songs and dances of the Afro-Brazilian culture. Mestre Cabello has been practicing Capoeira since 1980’s performing and teaching around the world since 1990. A professional Capoeira Angola teacher with more than 30 years experience, he is proud to be a student and senior practitioner under the world famous master Mestre João Grande. He also studies Afro-Brazilian rhythms and dance as a disciple of Professora Emilia Biancardi and master drummer Jorge Alabê. Currently Mestre Cabello directs both the OuroVerde cultural farm and the Barracao D'Angola cultural center in Serra Grande Bahia Brazil, where he promotes Brazilian culture creation, presentation, education, and preservation. His aim and life mission is to engage and deepen public appreciation and support for Capoeira Angola, use cultural knowledge and practices to preserve the natural environment, assure bright sustainable future for local children through artistic and social development, and to promote grass root, local social and economic community development. Twice a year Mestre Cabello organizes the international event called DanceBatukeira where he hosts practitioners and teachers from around the world. In the 23rd DanceBatukeira January 2015, Mestre Cabello graduated seven Professors of Capoeira Angola. He now has representatives in five different locations including in Brazil, Mexico,Israel and the United States.ãoDAngola Classes description:

Capoeira Angola

 Learn the basics of Capoeira Angola, the Brazilian art form of combat dance, protocols, music and rhythm. Through the sounds of different percussion instruments, provided by Cabello,you will learn to form words, sentences and phrases in the body language of Capoeira and have conversations through music and movements. We will explore the history and evolution of Capoeira from its African origins and development in Brazil during colonial times, to its current popularity worldwide. All levels are welcome.

Samba de roda

Traditional dance , drumming , singing and clapping from Bahia ,  where pairs interact in the circle Lots of energy and fun to this class where no prior experience is necessary .all accompanied by live drums and songs.


Learn this very interactive dance where pairs ,each equipped with wooden sticks , fight and dance striking and crossing the sticks in the air Lots of energy and fun to this class where no prior experience is necessary .all accompanied by live drums and songs.

BRAZILIAN SOUNDZ!!  Introduction to Brazilian rhythms

Learn the basics of Brazilian rhythms using various percussive instruments provided by Cabello. Traditional and contemporary styles. All levels welcome. If you have a Brazilian instrument that you wish to learn more about, bring it.

Pandeiro, the Brazilian tambourine.

Learn the basics and work on advanced strokes, griping and sounds in this multi-level class where we go through traditional and contemporary Brazilian rhythms on the most popular Brazilian percussion instrument. Bring your Pandeiro if you have one, for others there will be instruments available.


Cabello's Batucada class

Will focus on Brazilian percussion through Samba instruments: surdo, caixa, repenique, agogo, tamborim, ganzá. And various rhythms like: Samba, Afoxé, Samba-reggae, Barravento, Samba-funk and more.