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3-pics-caxixi Caxixi-sounds-of-nature Welcome to Cabello's Organic Percussion store Here at Cabello's Organic Percussion you will find the finest handcrafted instruments from Brazil. Brazil is a country famous for it's unique, alluring & primal rhythms, and the instruments that make these sounds are no less unique. All these instruments are handmade by master instrument maker Cabello in Bahia Brazil Also available: all types of Brazilian percussion, including berimbau ,pandeiro, agogo, atabaque, and replacement arame for berimbaus. Special orders available. Ordering Information : please order direct or other questions to Cabello at : +5573999830377 WhatsApp We only accept Paypal for payment For all instrument orders please email us first to check availability and time for delivery Prices and models: Caxixi large Caxixi Large 12 inches tall US$25 each one Caxixi small Caxixi Small 9 inches tall US$20 each one caxixi mini Caxixi Mini 7 inches tall US$15 each one Caxixi berimbau Caxixi for berimbau US$15 each one   Caxixi (pronounced Ka-shee-shee) It is an musical instrument of ancient African origin that became popular in Brazil as a companion to the Berimbau, an African musical bow with a hollow gourd as a resonator, used in the dance-game of Capoeira. Because of it´s lively sound, the Caxixi was originally used to call forth the presence of the enchanted spirits and also to scare all evil away. Caxixi is a reed basket, woven by hand, with a hard gourd skin bottom filled with special seeds. Shaken, the seeds hit the hard gourd skin, producing a distinctive sound. Caxixi can be used as a rattle to drive the beat and also in pairs to produce intricate sounds and rare textures. Each Caxixi is a unique instrument, made entirely of natural, non-endangered materials, that produce organic sounds which add color and good spirits to your set. You can play it soft or loud and enlarge the possibilities of different rhythms as far as your creativity goes. The Wild Banana Tree Seeds... straight from our plantation in Brazil, these quality seeds are the secret of the unique sharp sounds in all models of Cabello's Caxixis   The berimbau It is a wooden musical bow, at it’s widest end a looped metal wire (arame) is attached to a peg notched in the wood and strung to the top. A hollowed gourd (cabaça) is attached as a percussive box to amplify the sound of the instrument. It is held in the left hand along with a brass coin (dobrao), which produces one of two notes, depending on whether it is touching the arame. The sound is produced when the wire is struck by a wooden stick (baqueta), which is held in the left hand along with a shaker (caxixi). Berimbau’s are available in three cabaça sizes Gunga / large :: Medio / medium :: Viola / small Each berimbau is shipped with arame, caxixi and baqueta. Ps. berimbau price does not include dobrao. berimpic2 Pandeiro A distinctive Brazilian tunable tambourine, the pandeiro gives a drier, sharper timbre to your beats. Used in Samba, Capoeira, Brazilian funk, and other styles, let it's unique qualities enhance your rhythms.
Pandeiro Choro
Pandeiro Capoeira
10", 11", 12" wood & leather Atabaque  Brazilian floor drum, made from pine, steel, and natural drum skins, creates a special sound used in many forms of Brazilian music. Used as the main drum in capoeira, it also is used in samba, and other rhythms. Add it's distinctive sound and rustic look to your percussion ensemble today
One Size:
Atabaque Case
Accessories & Instrument Special Orders Cabello's Organic Percussion offers replacement parts and accessories for berimbaus, including arame, dobrao, baqueta, cabaças Also available from time to time are all other types of Brazilian percussion instruments, including: agogo, surdo, repique, timbau, and tamborin. If you don't see what you are looking for, please inquire. We can fulfill most special orders.  
Capoeira Pants
Berimbau Bags
Juriti Whistle
Samba Whistle
Heavy Duty Drum Strap

Cabello's Resume

Born in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil, Cabello keeps the tradition of his ancestors alive by dedicating his life to the rhythms, instruments, songs and dances of the Afro-Brazilian culture.

Cabello has been practicing Capoeira since 1980’s performing and teaching in the USA since 1990. A professional capoeirista with 28 years' experience, he is proud to be a student and senior practitioner under the world famous capoeira Angola master Mestre João Grande. He studies Afro-Brazilian rhythms and dance as a disciple of Professora Emilia Biancardi and master drummer Jorge Alabê, and participates in Brazil at traditional gatherings ,encounters and spontaneous festivals, besides teaching and performing in Brazil and abroad.

Since 1990 cabello has travel with Capoeira and Music of Brasil through the whole planet from south and North America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania

Since 2003 Cabello and Tisza Coelho started the project "OuroVerde Cultural Farm" in Bahia Brasil where they support Brazilian culture creation, presentation, education, and preservation; and to engage and deepen public appreciation and support for Capoeira , dance and Music. Preserving the natural environment, assure bright/sustainable future for local children through artistic and social development .Promote grass root, local community development, economic, ecologic and cultural.

Since 2004 Cabello and Tisza start the Capoeira Angola OuroVerde center in Bahia to teach Capoeira Angola , Percussion and afrobrazilian dance and music to local people and everyone interested

In 2004 Cabello and Tisza started the DanceBatuKeira international festival and event for Capoeiristas , musicians and dancers , the festival had 29 editions so far.

2009 Cabello and Tisza start to teach in the village of Serra Grande and soon open the Capoeira center named Barracao D'Angola in 2012 achieved by the help of many people from all over the world , today the place is a permanent cultural center unique of this kind

Cabello has performed with Cyro Baptista and his recent project “Beat the Donkey”, and the Batoto Yetu African dance company. He can also being seen in the world tour with Tamango's Urban Tap as well performed in many dance troupes and capoeira groups all over the globe in the last 28 years.

Currently,Cabello Lives most of time in Bahia at OuroVerde Farm teaching at Barracao D'Angola cultural center and around the globe attending capoeira and drumming encounters of Capoeira Angola, Maculelê, samba, Brazilian Percussion and Batucadas with several capoeira groups and with his performances ensembles: Korimbata’Samba(NYC) , Trovao da serra Batucada group(Bahia) and Centro de Capoeira Angola OuroVerde (Bahia, Goias , Minas Gerais , Capao , Xalapa Mexico , Mexico city ,Merida Mexico, Flagstaff Usa and Israel )

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