The second phase – Donations and help

  We are beginning a new campaign fund to raise money for the second phase of construction of Barracão D’Angola. Please donate here what you can to support the realization of our dream This phase will include the construction of bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, office space, a store, a cafeteria, and the main entrance. We are very pleased to have received in March of 2013 a grant from the Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia and to have been recognized as” Pontinho de Cultura “ The Cultural Spot of the Uruçuca /Serra Grande municipality. The grant from the State of Bahia has been the operating budget that was used to construct the foundation and walls of the bathrooms and of the entrance to the cultural center     As of now we are re-launching the campaign drive that was initiated in 2011 for the July, 2012 construction of Barracão’s classroom space to fund this next phase of construction. Since its initiation Barracão D’Angola, as a permanent cultural center, has maintained daily cultural activities that include classes, drum, singing, capoeira, and samba circles. This campaign fund is publicized on the internet to every network of Barracão friends and contributors of various parts of our local region in Bahia, Brazil, and beyond.   So that all can help within their own capacity we suggest a bag of cement $25 dollars as a minimal donation. However, we will need $20,000 reais or about $8,750 dollars to complete this phase of construction. We will need tile, faucets, siphon sink pipes, sinks, containers, mirrors, washing machines, a refrigerator, a stove, chairs, shower curtains, a clay water filter, kitchen utensils, and paint. Any type of help is welcome whether it is a donation in the form of money, supplies, a helping hand, or your knowledge and support. We count on all of you - our friends, students, admirers of Afro-Brazilian culture, and supporters of Barracão D’Angola - to participate, collaborate, and advertise our need. For credit card donations and internet transactions please use Paypal at the address: Please direct donations in the form of bank transactions or deposits to the account: Instituto Caobijuba’ banco Itau agencia 0291 conta corrente 06820 3 CNPJ 15 690 955 0001 -95   Thank you in advance for your support: Cabello, Tisza, and the entire community of Serra Grande  
Give $25 dollars for a bag of cement!
 We are wholly committed to this project and to the Serra Grande community. We gladly accept, during this process of construction, the participation and involvement of everyone. We immensely hope that your contribution will allow the small town of Serra Grande to expand its cultural and social initiatives in a grand and profound way. With immense gratitude and appreciation of your support,
Please donate here what you can to support the realization of our dream
Cabello, Tisza, and the students of Barracão D’Angola Serra Grande – Bahia/Brazil