Welcome to Barracão D`Angola Permanent cultural centre of Serra Grande, Bahia and home/school of Centro de Capoeira Angola OuroVerde and Instituto Caobijubá created and directed by Cabello Rolim and Tisza Coelho Schedule of activities  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays -
  • 8-9:30 am Basic capoeira Angola ($35 reais each class)
  • 4:30-5:15 pm Capoeira Angola, music and percussion for kids 3 to 6 years old ($35 reais each class)
  • 5 -6 pm Capoeira Angola, music and percussion for kids 7 to 13 years old ($35 reais each class)
  • 6 -8 pm  Capoeira Angola classe and capoeira music and percussion for adults 13 to above. ($35 reais each class)
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Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 5 - 6:30 pm Capoeira Angola beguiners ($35 reais each class)
  • 6-8pm Drumming / batucada class ($35 reais each class)IMG_9618 (2)
  • 10 am Capoeira Angola Roda
We started our work in 2003 in Fazenda Cultural Ouro Verde, a 75 hectare farm just 4km from the village of Serra Grande. Here we have built our home and capoeira training facilities using ecologically-minded construction methods,Because of our continued involvement in the community of Serra Grande, we decided to build a new training facility and community center within the village limits to allow us to be even more accessible to the residents. Read more...

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DanceBatuKeira 2020

January 15th to 19th de 2020!

Mestres Tisza Coelho and Cabello Caobijubá

Invites all (started in Capoeira or not) for Capoeira Angola , Afro-Brazilian music, dance and samba de roda experiences in the village of Serra Grande, Bahia, Brazil. Come to learn, share and celebrate with us and our guest masters. Experience,move, practice, sing , drumming, dance and music lessons, maculelê and Capoeira with berimbaus, tambourines, agogô, and drums, Barracão's samba de roda and the celebration of the OuroVerde family reunion and the 16 years of the Capoeira Angola OuroVerde Center, come to know our forests and beautiful beaches, we will have a walk in the woods to recognize native trees such as Biriba, tucum, Dendê, Massaranduba, jacaranda and others that make up the universe of Capoeira. lots of capoeira and samba circles and forró dance parties !


wednesday January 15th 2020

6pm-8pm Capoeira Angola class and opennig roda (Barracão D’Angola) Serra Grande

9pm Samba de Roda at Visgueira(bar) at Barracão

Thursday January 16th

9-11am Capoeira Angola e roda (OuroVerde)

1pm lunch at fazenda OuroVerde (price not inclued)

3pm Talk circle (Barracão D’Angola)

6 -7:30pm Capoeira Angola class (Barracão D’Angola)

7:30pm Dança Afro (Barracão D’Angola)

8:30pm Samba de pandeiro e viola (visgueira do Barracão)

Friday January 17th

7:30-8:30am Forest walk (OuroVerde)

10am-12pm Capoeira Angola (OuroVerde)

2pm Lunch in Serra Grande

4pm Cancioneiros e cantoria singing experience

5:30pm Talking with Mestres(Barracão D’Angola)

6-7pm Capoeira Angola class and roda (Barracão D’Angola)

9pm Forró dance party at galeria pizzaria (Serra Grande)

Saturday January 18th

10am Capoeira Angola class and Roda (Barracão D’Angola)

2pm free time

5pm Sarau OuroVerde at square Pedro Gomes Serra Grande (Apresentações musicais , roda de Capoeira ,samba de roda e batucada trovão da Serra )

Sunday January 19 th 8am beach activity

10am Closure roda (OuroVerde)

3pm Celebration party at fazenda(OuroVerde)


R$ 500 OFFER! Paid until December 15, 2019: includes event T-shirt (R $ 35), classes, rodas and activities during the event, accommodation at the OuroVerde farm breakfast camp. Does not include food and transportation.

R$550-After December 15, 2019: Includes classes, rodas and activities during the event, accommodation at the OuroVerde farm breakfast camp. Does not include food, t-shirt and transportation.

R$325– Event activities only (activities from Wednesday 15th through Sunday January 19th 2020).

R$225– Only camping or stay at OuroVerde farm from 15 (wednesday) to 19 (sunday) with breakfast (food, classes, wheels and activities are not included).

R$45– Per class at the event.

R$45– per night at the farn during the event.

$35- Event´s TShirt

Please note our activities at the Barracão will take place every day before and after the event if you plan to arrive earlier or stay later.

ZAP +5573999830377 Mestre Cabello e Mestra Tisza

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