23 DanceBatuKeira 2015 jan 14th to 18th

23 DBK evento FB Direction of Cabello e Tisza o Centro de Capoeira Angola OuroVerde invites : 23 Evento internacional de capoeira Angola , Dança Afro, Samba e Percussão na vila de Serra Grande , Bahia vivencia de aulas , rodas de capoeira , cantoria , musica , samba e danças tradicionais da cultura Afro Brasileira Program WED January 14th
  • 6 - 8 pm Capoeira Angola classe and roda (Barracao D’Angola) Serra Grande
  • 9pm try the great food at Serra grande's square
Thursday January 15th
  • 9-11am  Capoeira Angola (OuroVerde)
  • 1 pm   lunch at OuroVerde Farm to be charged locally
  • 5 - 6 pm Percussion  (Barracao D’Angola)
  • 6 - 8 pm  Dança Afro (Barracao D’Angola)
  • 9 pm Acaraje and tapioca in Serra Grande
Sexta 16 de Janeiro
  • 7-8 am  Atividade ecológica (Ouroverde)
  • 10-12 pm capoeira Angola Class (Ouroverde)
  • 6 - 8 pm capoeira Angola classe and Roda (Barracao D’Angola)
  • 10 pm Pizza and forro' party at pizzaria galeria
Sábado 17 de Janeiro
  • 10 am Classe and Roda (Barracão D’Angola)
  • 2 pm lunch in Serra Grande
  • 5 pm Batucada Trovão da Serra (Barracão D’Angola)
  • 7 pm  Roda ,festa e samba de roda na praça Pedro Gomes  (Serra Grande)
Sunday January 18th
  • 10 am Final roda 23 DBK (OuroVerde)
  • 3 pm good time togheter
  R$200 All the classes at the event R$120 Camping from14th to 18th with breakfast paied by dez 2014 R$300 Tuition of the event before december first 2014 R$350 Tuition of the event after  de Dez 2014 R$30 per class at the event R$35 per night at the camping at the event   Hello DanceBatuKeiros 2015 welcome to Bahia soon!!   We would like to welcome you to our 23rd event in Bahia Brazil!! We’re very excited by having such a great group in our Brazil trip and workshops in Bahia this time make sure you tell us when you will arrive at Ilheus airport or by bus in Serra Grande and when you are planning to leave. exchange money :It is recommended to exchange money at São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro airports or in ilheus airport(atm machines)  when you arrive you will need cash to your food and drinks.(it’s not included on your tuition) Serra Grande does not have a cash machine, post office or bank. weather :January Bahia’s weather is usually very hot and humid during the day and fresh at evening. Don’t forget that we are in the rain forest environment so get ready for showers and rain. location and facilities: We are located in a farm near a small village (serra grande) where you will find basic items if you may need or forget to bring. There’s a internet café in Serra Grande but not a cash machine or post office or bank. Ilheus and Itacare there’s other facilities like cash machines, bank and exchange money but we don’t have in our schedule of classes and activities anything in those towns and we are located at least 45-60 minutes from each one. The transportation to Ilheus and Itacare are not included in the tuition but we can arrange pick ups Filming and pictures: We welcome you to take pictures and films at the farm and the barracao any time just let the Mestre at the classes if it’s ok to take or film at the moment .We will ask you to share your pics with us at some point during the event  Here are some tips in what to bring: Sandals /Alarm clock /Insect Repellent / Rain coat /Sunscreen /Swimsuit /Snickers/Flash light/rechargeable batteries for your electronics and flash light and recharging devises(very important) campers bring towels, sleeping bags and warm clothes and light blankets for the night . Shoes for Capoeira classes / White pants for the first and final Capoeira roda / Dance gear plus skirt/Workout clothes / Photo Camera / Hat / Sunglasses There are facilities on camp for washing your clothes and you will need to do that by yourself there’s no electricity and no washing machines !!!Swiss Chocolate bars just for the addicts!!!!   Drinking water and garbage:We have spring water well in the farm and we do filter it before you, so don’t worry about water bottles. By the way we don’t recommend you to bring any plastic disposable item but recyclable ones are welcome. We are trying to have an event as much as possible garbage free!!   Spare clothes for donation: The ongoing projects developed by Cabello and Tisza include classes for kids in a social program in Serra Grande and support of kids program at Serra Grande rural school. We are still collecting children clothes to give away or adult clothes for a second hand bazaar to provide uniforms and shoes for capoeira classes. Our center is accepting yoga mats, bed linens, kitchen gears/tools and camping tents and gears. We gladly accept any help that you can offer.please check our project about the second phase of constructions for the Barracão D’Angola here : http://barracaodangola.com/donation Have a great trip and see you in Bahia Peace Cabello and Tisza